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3 min readOct 27, 2021


Social, casual, and fun blockchain games for the world

Hello everyone, Oni Squad here! We formed the squad because we’re all avid gamers and longtime cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and feel that there is so much opportunity to do cool, innovative things in the web3 gaming space. Everyone on the team 100% believes that NFTs are here to stay in a big way, and that gaming will be a major driver of utility and adoption for NFTs in the next decade.

As a company, we will focus on several key pillars:

  • Superior player experience and onboarding
  • Social, casual, fun gameplay appealing to many users, including those outside of crypto
  • Mobile-focused (initial Oni Mansion game will be web-only so we can launch faster)
  • Ship fast, ship often, and always be delivering the best experiences possible to our community
  • Composability and collaboration with other NFT projects

We’re so excited for you to join us on our adventure. We’ll be sharing more about our company and “design your own Oni Mansion” game in future posts.


We’re excited to share that our first product offering is a public mint of 6,666 unique, generative Oni NFTs!

Why Oni? Oni means “ghost” or “demon” in Japanese, and the whole team is a fan of anime and Japanese culture. We also chose it because those themes are also favorites of crypto Twitter too!

Oni asset examples and mocks of the Oni Mansion game

Each Oni (6,666 total) is uniquely generated from a set of 242 unique, hand-drawn attributes from our talented artists Andre and Nicholas. Of the 242 traits, only about 20 are color variations, and the rest are entirely unique.

Attributes List

25 Neck
36 Hat
21 Mouth
19 Eye
32 Hand
31 Torso
9 Body Color
23 Back / Pet
29 Shoes
17 Background

Rarity Scheme & Design

At a general level, we went through the list of traits as a team and classified each trait as “common, uncommon, and rare.” We determined this by examining the level of detail and overall cool factor of each trait.

Each Oni has a trait for every slot (10). Traits are thrown into a pool and we assigned higher probabilities for the common traits, lower for uncommon, and lower still for the rares.

Lastly, there are 58 “perfect sets” of Onis that are available. A “perfect set” is when an Oni has all the traits/characteristics specific to a theme, such as wizard, vampire, mummy, etc. These are the rarest Onis that can be minted.

See below for an example of a perfect Wizard Oni set:

Example of a perfect set (Wizard). There are 2 perfect sets for each theme, 58 in total.

To be clear, all of the perfect Onis can only be obtained randomly via the mint (pre-sale or public mint). We did not allocate any perfect Onis for the team or for contributors to the project.

The only Onis that were pre-allocated are 75 mixed sets of average rarity for the team, contributors, and marketing.

We plan to list on rarity tools asap, as well as publish our own rarity charts at a later date.


The mint will be a custom, interactive experience on our website at We will also be starting a pre-sale tomorrow, and you can find more info about that in our Discord.

Public mint is on October 29 at 2 PM PT, 2 days before Halloween. A pre-sale will be available on Wednesday the 27th, at 4 PM PT.

Mint will be on ETH mainnet, and the game will be played on the layer-2 Matic (Polygon). Each Oni mint will cost 0.0666, and up to 3 can be purchased per ETH address.

To purchase, all you’ll need is to setup a Metamask wallet and transfer enough ETH into it. This only takes a few minutes, learn more about how to do this here. Feel free to ask for help in the Oni Discord as well!

More details will be coming shortly on the game, with a launch target of mid-late November!



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