Introducing Yomi Block Puzzle

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3 min readAug 18, 2023

We’re thrilled to invite you to the new world of Yomi Block Puzzle! In addition to Yomi Gardens, our dedicated team has been tirelessly crafting our second game, Yomi Block Puzzle. We are excited to showcase the developments we’ve made in the game!

Yomi Block Puzzle is an F2O mobile game that combines adorable kawaii pets with the timeless fun of classic block puzzle gameplay.

The game is simple yet challenging — Clear blocks by forming lines and squares. Arrange and drop various blocks onto your board to create a complete row, column, or square. As you clear blocks earn daisies, and let your adorable fox companion cheer you on every step of the way!

Take all the time you need to strategize your moves — no time limits here! It’s the perfect game to play during your free time while exercising your brain. Find the optimal strategy, perfect your board layout, and accumulate those epic combos!

The more blocks you clear, the more daisies there are for you to gather! These daisies enable a realm of enchanting possibilities! Spend these daisies on delightful accessories to pamper your cherished pet and give them a unique look!

New User Interface

Our former UI was a temporary placeholder; we have refreshed the UI designed to elevate your gaming experience!

Updated Kawaii Fox

Our adorable fox has undergone a kawaii transformation, and there will be more cuteness on the horizon with additional pets coming up! We’re open to your creative suggestions — share your ideas with us over in our Discord!

Earn Daisies

As you clear blocks, watch for daisies to appear on the board. Match blocks containing daisies to collect them, and then head to the shop to splurge on goodies for your pet!


Create block-clearing combos for bonus points and summon these buzzing bees to your board!


Use your collected daisies to indulge in a shopping spree. From charming bows and stylish hairstyles to a fresh coat of fur, adorn and style your beloved pet with a touch of your flair. New shop items are coming soon too!


Yomi Block Puzzle is now available in 11 different languages!

Become a Beta Tester

Be a part of this journey by joining our Discord and filling out this form to help us become a beta tester!

A big thank you for your support! We’re hard at work on numerous exciting features. Let’s keep clearing those blocks!



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