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5 min readJan 17, 2022

Q: What do I need to play the game?

1. One of the following supported NFTs: Oni Squad, Baby Spirit, Curious Addys, Lazy Lions, or Jungle Freaks

2. A Metamask wallet. (Coinbase wallet is not supported) Instructions on how to set up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqzs3CB6qN8

3. Set-up Polygon Mumbai Network

4. Testnet $MATIC (this will be airdropped to all eligible players — those who have one of the NFTs in #1). You can also get it from a faucet: https://faucet.polygon.technology/

Q: How do I set up Polygon Mumbai Network on MetaMask?

Upon loading the game, if you’re not on Polygon Mumbai the browser should automatically prompt you with a “one-click” option to add Polygon Mumbai to your MetaMask, or switch to the network.

Other options to add Polygon Mumbai network include:

— Go to: https://mumbai.polygonscan.com/

— Scroll to the bottom and click Add Mumbai Network on the bottom right

— Click Approve and Switch Network on your Metamask pop-up

In case neither of those options work, here is a tutorial to manually add the Polygon Mumbai Network to your MetaMask: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmGI-eX9_vk

Q: Do I have to pay to play the game?

A: The Testnet MATIC will cover gas fees for the gameplay. To mint your Oni mansion as an NFT, you will need to pay for gas.

Q: I just bought an Oni but I can’t seem to play?

A: Please create a request at on our Discord with your Oni ID and wallet address. We update ownership data in our game once a day, so it may take some time to sync.

Q: Can I mint more than 1 Oni Mansion?

A: Your Oni mansion is attached to your specific NFT. Each eligible NFT is able to mint one Oni mansion NFT. For example, if you own 2 Onis, 1 Lazy Lion, 1 Jungle Freak, and 1 Curious Addy, then you are eligible to mint up to 5 total mansions.

Q: Can I haunt other mansions that I own?

A: No. You can only haunt mansions owned by other wallets. One primary goal of the game is to foster community and encourage players to communicate with others in the Oni netherverse.

Q: When does the day start?

A: The day starts at around 12 PM Pacific

Q: Can my Oni Mansion coins be shared or traded?

A: You cannot share or trade your Oni Mansion coins with other players inside the game environment. However, because they are on-chain ERC-20 tokens, you can send them to other Polygon Mumbai wallets.

Your Oni Mansion coins are shared among every NFT you own on a single wallet, which means you could potentially pool coins from multiple mansions and use them to build up one mansion extra quickly.

Q: Can I still claim/trade Oni Mansion coins after the game ends?

A: No. After the end of the game, the token contract on the network will be paused, and no further transactions can occur. However, you will be still be able to swap or make changes among attributes you’ve already earned before minting the NFT.

Q: Do Daily Bonus and 7-Day Streak count as missions?

A: No. These are bonus rewards for completing missions. Only the Daily Check-in, Generic Haunt, and Specific Haunt are considered “missions.”

Q: Can I equip the attributes on a different account? Can I share them with someone else?

A: No. Attributes are attached to the Oni Mansion tied to your NFT.

Q: Can players complete both generic and specific haunts on the same player for the same day?

A: Yes! As long as that player’s NFT qualifies for the day’s specific haunt and also hasn’t already been haunted 5 times.

Q: How many OniMansion coins can I earn per day?

A: 5 tokens for daily check-in

5 tokens for generic haunt

5 tokens for specific haunt

10 tokens for daily bonus (finishing all 3 missions)

5 tokens every time someone haunts you (max of 25 per today)

Q: How many attributes can I customize my house with?

A: There are nine slots where you can equip your attributes, and you can equip one attribute per slot. You can still purchase as many attributes as possible and swap between them.

Q: Is one attribute better than the other? Do they have different functions?

A: Attributes are priced according to their in-game rarity. There are also unique attributes or color derivatives that can only be acquired via loot boxes.

The function of attributes is purely aesthetic, but could have some small implications for future games. Rarity scheme will be constantly evolving as players choose different mansion traits.

Q: How do I earn loot boxes?

A: You can earn a free loot box every time you complete 21 missions (does not have to be consecutive).

Go to the store and click on the flashing “Loot box” sign at the store, and then click “Open”.

Q: What does the “Light a Candle” button do?

A: Lighting a candle is a small feature that allows anyone, including people without MetaMask or crypto, to engage and interact with your mansion.

Share it with your friends and show them how cool your mansion’s shaping up! If enough of them light a candle, something spooky may happen…

Q: How do I get others to haunt me, or obtain the right link to haunt someone (my friend) specifically?

Share your mansion URL directly with others across Discord, Twitter, or other channels! You can copy your URL in two ways:

  1. Click the share icon on the top right of the game’s main menu to copy your own URL.
  2. You can edit the link yourself. The URL for your Mansion is onisquad.gg/#/oni-mansion-game/ followed by your contract and your NFT ID.
  3. Example: https://onisquad.gg/#/oni-mansion-game/ 0x0ee7Bf57733e3DA8C015a0E7E395d641FAC512d6/5

Replace the contract with your NFT’s corresponding contract:

Oni Squad: 0x0ee7Bf57733e3DA8C015a0E7E395d641FAC512d6

Baby Spirit: 0xd5a22cb1efa368c753b5b7a3879daeb026e7b1f8

Curious Addys: 0x82712D0052c6D8185383b5554A071C440b902992

Lazy Lions: 0x8943c7bac1914c9a7aba750bf2b6b09fd21037e0

Jungle Freaks: 0x7e6bc952d4b4bd814853301bee48e99891424de0

Then, replace the appending NFT ID with the corresponding NFT ID you’re looking to visit. You can obtain the NFT ID on OpenSea or other wallets that support viewing NFTs.

Share your URL with your friends so they can visit your Oni Mansion and haunt you! Alternatively, find your favorite people or friends to haunt!

Q: When do I get to mint the mansion?

A: You will get to mint the mansion at the end of the 4-week game. We will give you several days/weeks (TBC).

Q: Which chain will the Oni mansion NFT be minted on?

A: The Oni mansion NFT will be minted on Ethereum

Q: Do I have to pay gas to mint?

A: Yes, players will have to pay for gas to mint on Ethereum. We will give you several days/weeks (TBC) to mint so you can mint during low-gas period

Q: Will the Oni/my PFP NFT be a part of the Mansion NFT?

A: No, only the mansion and their traits will be minted as an NFT

Feel free to submit any further questions in the Oni Squad Discord Server: https://discord.gg/onisquadgg



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