Sakaba Asia Game Journey Quests

Embark on a botanical adventure

Yomi Games
3 min readSep 14, 2023

Complete quests, tend to your vibrant garden, and accumulate loyalty points to unlock incredible rewards! Come and wander the Gardens of Yomi!

Campaign period: Sep 18th — Sep 28th

Sakaba Oasys Game Odyssey In-Game quests:

  • Purchase 20 Facilities
  • Collect Golden Bonsai’s Treasure 5 Times

All players who complete both Yomi Garden in-game quests and the social quests on Sakaba will receive 8 summoning orbs to roll for our in-game companions. 5-⭐ companions are NFTs!

A prize pool of $100 USD worth of OAS tokens AND 16 summoning orbs will be given to 10 winners.

These winners will be selected from those who complete all the in-game quests on Yomi Gardens and social quests on Sakaba for Yomi Gardens.

To complete the Yomi Gardens In-Game Quests on Sakaba, you will first have to complete the following steps:

Tie your eth address to Sakaba

  1. Have an account on Sakaba tied to your eth address

2. On your mobile phone, download the Yomi Gardens Game

Android: Download Here

IOS: Download Here

3. Play the game

Verify your Email on Yomi Gardens APP

If you have already verified, you may skip this step.

4. Click on Settings (circled in red) and enter your email under Email and click Verify Email

5. Check your inbox for an email from Yomi Gardens (it should be from via, beware of phishing scams/emails) and Click Here to verify your email address in the email. Once verified, your email address will have a checkmark

Connect your Sakaba Account with Yomi Gardens.

6. In Settings click Login to Vault

7. Check your email; you should receive an email from Yomi Gardens (again, it should be from via, beware of phishing scams/emails), click on Click here

8. You should see the Vault website, click on the navigation > Sakaba then enter your Sakaba eth address and then click save

You’re all set!

Good luck and see you in the gardens!



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