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6 min readJul 7, 2022

!boo Squad,

We are thrilled to share with you the progress on our upcoming private alpha build of Yomi conservatory (updated working title)! By being especially thoughtful with the game design, we are confident that our next game will be fun to play and play-and-earn!

Despite being in a bear market with overall bleak sentiments, we want to remind everyone to take a breather. If you have the means, take advantage of the lower gas fees on Ethereum and the lower entry costs to use this time to learn more about the space by trying out different DeFi protocols and investing in NFTs you believe in.

You can be assured that Yomi Games is 100% focused on building our game as we welcome this period of less distraction. Being huge believers in Web3, we are in it for the long haul! With our target audience being non-crypto players, we don’t expect crypto whales to be our game’s key drivers; consequently, Yomi Conservatory’s success will not rely on the crypto market conditions.

Unlike several other Web3 projects, which kept their treasury in Eth, our financial situation is secure since we did most of our raise in USDC/USD. There are no foreseeable plans for any layoffs, and our gaming studio has 2.5 years of runway, without accounting for future game/mint revenue/fundraise!

For the past few weeks, our team attended Consensus week and NFT NYC to network and build connections with other blockchain projects and web3 founders. Yomi Games was invited by one of our investors (Infinity Ventures Crypto) to attend IVS, the leading blockchain conference in Japan (https://www.ivs.events/crypto). Our co-founder, Jason, is representing Yomi Games there to moderate a P2E GameFi panel with other GameFi projects. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to link up with other GameFi and anime projects, Japanese gaming studios, guilds, as well as current and potential investors. We are prepping for several collaborations and cross-pollination opportunities in the near future!

TL;DR Summary

  • Game launch will be a stage release, private alpha (token-gated) within the next 1–1.5 months
  • A public beta with a fairly complete game loop will follow, including ongoing gameplay expansion and additional in-game economic incentives
  • Game launching tentatively at the end of 2022
  • There will be 3 starter free-to-play characters, and future premium characters in the roadmap
  • Hodlers perks: (Added) Oni Mansions may have land-related benefits (TBD), Oni Squad and Oni Mansions collections is confirmed to give a statistical buff in the game.
  • Our whitepaper is very close to being completed

Yomi Conservatory

A huge focus for our games is the onboarding user experience. As we strive to deliver the best experience for crypto and non-crypto users, Yomi Conservatory and our future games will play as regular mobile games. It will be effortless for players to jump into the game, sign in, and obtain a wallet; players can start to play the game without noticing the crypto component. Our games will teach players about blockchain and enable in-game asset ownership. This smooth onboarding experience pushes engineering boundaries as we envision our games to onboard the next million+ Web3 users! Let’s goooo!

Unlike most current crypto games that grow fast and fall even faster, we are utilizing our tokenomics to extend the viability of the in-game economy. Free-to-play being a highlighted aspect means you can play our game from beginning to end without spending any money! Since we genuinely care about the gameplay experience, making our game more accessible will further stimulate the in-game economy to create a sustainable game loop.

  • Adding variety and incorporating trading as a vital game component.
  • Trading will be a simple procedure with an easy process to transfer value in the form of digital assets/NFTs into your own non-custodial wallet
  • The blockchain element enables the potential for a global liquidity pool

Yomi Conservatory Status

  • Updates on weekly builds, with UI and exact mechanics constantly being tweaked
  • The game launch will follow a stage release
  • While there’s no confirmed date for our initial private alpha, it will be token-gated for Oni hodlers, and is targeted to be released in the next 1–1.5 months
  • A public beta (a larger release) will follow, with a fairly complete game loop
  • Ongoing gameplay expansion will be developed to offer a more immersive experience, along with additional in-game economic incentives, while we gear up for the launch of our game tentatively at the end of 2022
  • Currently, we are still exploring different chains; we are testing layer-3 subnet on AVAX and are in talks with several other chains to weigh the pros and cons
  • Our whitepaper is very close to being completed

Oni Squad and Oni Mansion Benefits

  • Oni Squad and Oni Mansion NFTs Benefits
    – Awarded statistical in-game bonuses
    – Governance token drop
    – Community Voting
    – Mintlist allocation (mechanics TBD)
  • Oni Mansions may have land-related benefits (TBD)

Yomi Conservatory Characters

Our incredible in-house artists, Andre and Nicolas, and our external agency (Concept Art House) painstakingly refined this distinctive art style to create exceptionally beautiful characters. We studied the current NFT landscape to design characters that would look great as a PFP and in-game, which is a delicate balance between simplicity and intricacy. By applying a lo-fi palette, we are very proud of the outcome of our unique art style.

  • Characters will be in-game assets and interchangeable as PFPs
  • Switching accessories back and forth/upgrading the characters will be a simple process with accessories within a mobile game environment. Metadata and art changes will be reflected on the blockchain
  • Players will be able to choose from one of the three starter female companions during the Alpha/Beta stages: Manami, Satsuki, and Clara
  • Each character corresponds to an element that provides special in-game benefits; none of these characters’ strengths will overpower one another.
  • These initial three characters are our free-to-play characters
  • Additional boosted characters will be released in the future/during our mint.
  • In-game items are issued fungible and non-fungible from the ERC1155 standard
  • Our dev team updated the ERC1155 standard to prevent the duplicate minting of NFTs, ensuring that NFTs can only be minted once.

Yomi Immersion Program

We launched the Yomi Immersion Program on Discord at the beginning of June as a community activation game to engage and rally the squad. In-game points, AKA ᛋTsukiRunes, are earned and can be used to redeem various grants.

  • 6 different channels on Discord to type a command
  • 3 channels to collect items
  • 2 channels to earn TsukiRunes
  • 1 channel to check class rank, inventory, etc.
  • Other routes to earn ᛋTsukiRunes include:
    – Inviting your frens to the Oni Squad discord
    – Participating in game nights/events and Twitter spaces
    – Giveaways
    – Contests
  • A POAP system will be implemented for specific events and Twitter spaces
  • Redeemable grants include Oni NFT’s, our future governance token, allowlist spots for our upcoming mint or other collabs, 1/1 art, merch, and more!
  • In the upcoming weeks, we will gather suggestions from the squad for merch ideas. Certain products have already decided
  • We prioritize creating high-quality merch that the squad would proudly sport
  • The immersion program will be an ongoing curriculum and will restart after the end of the semester, even after the mint/Yomi Conservatory is live
  • The current semester ends on August 31st, 2022

It’s been a lot of fun building and working on Yomi Conservatory! We’re excited to share more over the coming weeks; the team is incredibly grateful to be able to share our vision with the squad and for your ongoing support.

Join our Discord for announcements, and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our private Alpha release!



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