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4 min readOct 30, 2021

Build-your-own NFT Mansion…with the help of some frens

Hello everyone! On the heels of a smooth public mint launch (albeit with spooky gas prices), the Oni team wanted to share more about the first game we’re building.

We’re super excited to be launching this game so quickly after our NFT drop, because we think it introduces some innovative new gameplay mechanics that no one’s quite experienced in web3 gaming yet.

Additionally, unlike many other crypto games which focus on pvp play, the Oni Mansion game is designed to be social and collaborative. There are also hidden surprises throughout the game based on social mechanics.

The game will enable Oni owners to upgrade and customize their very own Mansion over the course of 3 weeks, and at the end of the event they will be able to mint their own customized Mansion. The Mansion NFTs will be sized in the dimensions of a Twitter banner, so you can flex it on social media (Twitter NFT verification wen?).

Build & Customize Your Own NFT

The main goal of the game is for players to earn tokens to spend for upgrades to their mansion. Every Oni holder will receive a base-level Mansion, which they can upgrade with unique decorations as they progress through the game.

Base Oni Mansion

There are 8 different slots of customization for the house, and there will be 3 different “tiers” of upgrades for each slot. At minimum there will be 24 different unique house traits to choose from, but there may be more.

Upgraded Oni Mansion

Oni Missions & Earning Tokens

Oni players can earn tokens by completing missions that refresh daily. Missions range from completing a daily “check-in”, to social missions where Onis visit and haunt other Oni’s houses. Onis will earn tokens for haunting and being haunted as well...Onis helping Onis!

An Oni “haunts” another player by visiting their house and leaving a short message for them to read in their inbox. It’s a simple mission, and we think it will help bond the Oni community — Oni users will get to visit other Onis, check out each others’ avatars and houses, and start conversations in the game.

Other missions will include haunting Onis with specific traits, such as a witch’s hat or a pet cat. The in-game “Bounty Haunter” will suggest a list of Onis to haunt, but you can always help out a new friend in Discord (or shill your Mansion to other Onis).

Bounty Haunter screen. Yes, that’s a Cowboy Bebop reference :)

Additionally, some missions will require Onis to go outside the netherworld, such as Twitter. Can the Oni Squad spook Elon Musk into degen buying an Oni (or accept a custom 1/1 Oni gift)? 👻

Onboarding & Usability

We’re excited to debut a novel method for our players to experience bridge-less and gas-less gameplay. Our Onis live on the Ethereum mainnet, but the Oni Mansion game will be played on the MATIC (Polygon) layer-2 sidechain.

How will we achieve this? We’ll take a snapshot of all ETH mainnet Oni addresses, and load those into our layer-2 smart contract. We will then airdrop sufficient MATIC to all eligible addresses to play the game to completion. Finally, at the conclusion of the event we will take a final snapshot which will allow users to mint and claim their NFT for free.

We’ve never seen this onboarding method used before, but we think this will be an amazing experience because all players will have to do is switch their network from Ethereum to MATIC to play the game. Really, that’s it. 🙏

A Few Last Things

We’ll also be including a few other interesting mechanics into the game. We won’t go into them just yet, but they include:

  • Game interactions with non-crypto holders. Anyone with your unique URL will be able to view and interact with your Mansion 👀
  • Lootboxes. Further customize your Mansion with one-off traits! 🎁
  • Composability. Another NFT project crosses into the netherworld? 😱
  • Community Prizes. We’ll distribute some bonus prizes to the community based on the most creative Mansions or other stats 🎖

Lastly, we’ll be monitoring the game throughout and have plans to extend it into more phases, and create other spin-off games. Oni holders will always have access to those games and the Oni avatar will always be included in future games.

More updates to come!

Thank you,
Oni Squad team



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