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3 min readMar 16, 2023


We are opening Yomi Gardens to our Discord community and would love for you to enroll in our beta program. As we continue to grow and enrich the Gardens with new mechanics, your feedback is essential in shaping the future of Yomi Gardens and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all players.

Private Beta Phase 1 began in November 2022 to Oni Squad and Oni Mansion NFT hodlers

Private Beta Phase 2 began in February 2022 to Oni Squad, Oni Mansion and Oasyx NFT hodlers

We are now entering…

Beta Phase 3

We are inviting our Discord community to enroll in our Beta Phase 3 Program and are not token-gating anymore.

All beta testers who leave valuable feedback in our Discord #📮・comment-box will receive summoning orbs to roll for new anime companions that are intended to be NFTs.

Experience a vivid awakening of senses with leaves rustling, streams running, wind chimes, and soothing music. Be mesmerized by the sight of sakura blossoms, calming ponds, and intricate bamboo forests. Help us care for our expansive collection of plants and greenery, including unusual herbs and luscious fruit trees. Yomi Gardens is your refuge, and we hope to offer a moment’s rest amidst your busy lives.

In-game screenshot

Plan your Visit — Admissions

  1. Join our Discord and receive the @oni squad role

2. Fill out the form (You must be in our Discord to fill it out)

3. Ignore the error message, it pops up for everyone

4. Apple iPhone Users

After submitting the form, we will add you to the beta tester list within a few days. You will receive a Testflight invitation from Apple (no_reply@email.apple.com) to download the Yomi Gardens app on Testflight. This is the official means of testing all apps on iPhone devices.

5. Android Users:

After submitting the form, we will invite you via Google Play within a few days. We will tag you in Discord to let you know that you’ve been added to our list

Android Users download here (on your mobile phone)

Login to to your Google account with the email address associated with your Google Play account

Click BECOME A TESTER blue button

Click the the download it on Google Play link in blue

Then click Install Yomi Gardens app on Google Play.

This is the official means of testing all apps on Android devices and you are free to Leave the Program at any time.

How to leave feedback

We are accepting feedback and bug reports in Discord #📮・comment-box

We are tracking helpfulness and will be rewarding helpful players!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!



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