Yomi Block Puzzle Build Update 1.14

Yomi Games
3 min readNov 3, 2023


We have a bunch of exciting updates for Yomi Block Puzzle, and we’re hyped to share them with you! ***drumrolls***

Updated UI

We have implemented a tab bar for easy navigation access and improved the overall look and feel of the game experience!

Introducing Roses

Roses is a new in-game currency you can spend to get premium items for your pet! Plus, there are plenty of ways to obtain roses!


Don’t have time to watch ads? Harness the power of skippies to breeze through ads! Skippies can be redeemed by Roses as well!

Introducing Shop

Welcome to our brand-new shop, your one-stop shop for Decor, Roses and Skippies! Don’t forget to claim your daily free roses or purchase more roses and skippies to skip ads. Happy shopping!


Explore our fresh, seamless shopping experience! We’ve also added a range of new items, including premium ones exclusively available for purchase with Roses!


Access your collection of goodies and give your pet a fab new look with ease with the new accessorize tab

Daily Task

Play more, get more! Complete daily tasks to collect Daisies, and if you finish all the tasks, you’ll get Roses, too!


Misplaced a block? No worries! You now have one Undo per game. Just watch a quick ad to undo your last move. No regrets!

6 Easy Pieces

Extend your game and boost your score by swapping out those tricky game-ending blocks for easy single blocks!

Double your Daisies

Earn daisies every game you play, and optionally, at the end of the game, you can double your daisies by watching a short ad!

Become a Beta Tester

Be a part of this journey by joining our Discord and filling out this form to help us become beta testers!

A big thank you for your support! We’re working on numerous exciting features. Coming up next, a leaderboard, and more! Let’s keep clearing those blocks!



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