Yomi Games Raises $2M to Build Out Casual Play-and-Earn Ecosystem

Yomi Games
2 min readApr 20, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Yomi Games has raised a $2 million seed round from some of the most prominent gaming and crypto funds to realize our vision of developing social, casual, and play-and-earn blockchain games.

With this seed round, we have expanded the team to work on developing and delivering our next play-and-earn game and future games. The investment will enable us to ramp up our marketing plus further increase our efforts to grow the community.

Our dream for Yomi Games is to become the “Zynga of Crypto” by focusing on casual and social gameplay catering to players new to blockchain and crypto gaming. Our future games will be mobile-first, widely accessible to appeal broadly to mainstream audiences, and emphasize easy onboarding as a gateway to gamers new to crypto and NFTs.

This focus on player inclusivity is what differentiates us from other studios. We believe player-owned economies, enabled by blockchain technology, are the future of gaming. We want all of our games to be as accessible as possible to the broadest audience and onboard people new to digital collectibles and gaming NFTs. Nearly all crypto games today are gated by high purchase barriers to entry, but we believe the most sustainable and successful games will meld free-to-play and play-and-earn mechanics.

“What got me excited about Yomi was that they were of the first games that leveraged the inherent composability of NFTs to bring other NFT collections in-game, creating a third place whereby these communities can interact via a collaborative and social gameplay experience. The team also brings the perfect mix of web2 and web3 operating experience to onramp the next millions of players into this new paradigm via games.” — Jerry Lu, Principal at Maveron

This seed funding round includes participation from Hypersphere Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Sfermion, Cultur3 Capital (early Axie Infinity investors), Maveron, Momentum 6, and Taureon. Yomi Games’ angel investors include Kevin Lin (co-founder, Twitch), Dan Dinh (co-founder, TSM FTX), Thomas Vu (Riot Games), Alex Chung (founder, Giphy), Dan Sommer (founder, Trilogy Education), Mike Ouye (Cloud 9), Don Ho (Quantstamp), Hubert Thieblot (Twitch), Jeff Kuan (Terraform Labs), and others.

We’re excited to keep growing the uniquely dynamic Oni Squad community. We deeply appreciate your unwavering support through all the highs and lows, especially those who took the time to read this, attend our spaces, and consistently participate in our Discord server. We’ll be sharing more about our next game in the next few weeks.

Press Release: https://apnews.com/press-release/pr-newswire/technology-blockchain-0b76eaf6a8d2058e8247151cdacbe6ba



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