Yomi Gardens Build Update 1.0.10

Yomi Games
3 min readAug 16, 2023

We’re excited to unveil the latest build for Yomi Gardens! Our team has been diligently addressing bugs and we can’t wait to share these exciting new features with you!

New Facilities

Introducing 10 brand-new facilities! Craft new potions in 6 ingredient facilities and earn more Tsuki Energy while your companions relax in 4 rest facilities. Harvest lush veggies at the Taro Wetlands, and stay cool at the Summer Delights ice cream cart while resting at the Kame Pond.

Interactive Realm Guardian’s Wish Facility

We’ve taken the Realm Guardian’s Wish facility to the next level! You can now ring the temple bell to summon the origami cranes of good fortune!

Bonsai Idle Gold Improvements

We’ve implemented a progress bar for bonsai idle gold, making it clearer to track your earnings. The idle gold timer counts even when you’re actively playing the game.

An optional feature has been added: you can now double the rewards you receive by watching an ad!


Say hello to our latest companions, ready for summoning — meet Rei, Wren, Jun, and Natsume!

Other Updates

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Updated tutorial experience to make it faster for new players. Shortened Dean Ito text panels
  • Adjustments to early-game gold requirements

Android Users:

Download on Google Play!

Apple iPhone Users:

Download on IOS App Store

If you spot anything funky or have awesome ideas, share them with us in #📮・comment-box on our Discord.

Your support and patience mean the world to us. Get ready for many exciting updates in the pipeline; keep an eye out, and let’s wander the gardens! 🌿



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