Yomi Gardens Build Update 1.0.13

Yomi Games
3 min readOct 3, 2023


We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest Yomi Gardens build. Our dedicated team has been hard at work addressing some hiccups, including bugs and the recent outage. Despite these challenges, we’re excited to unveil these exciting new features!

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support as we enhance your Yomi Gardens experience. Get ready for a special treat from Dean Itō 😉!

Conservatory Post

A brand NEW special facility is open in the gardens! You can now receive announcements and other goodies from Dean Itō! Don’t forget to check your messages and claim your reward!

New Companions

Say hello to our newest students Priya and Raj, I hope you’ll get to meet them ;)

Optimized Upgrading

You can now accelerate facility upgrades faster with our new auto-upgrade feature, which advances 10 times when applicable.

Dean’s Itō’s Reward

An additional optional extra credit is available from Dean Itō! Earn an additional 2 hours of idle gold by simply watching an ad! It’s optional but you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Accelerated Potions

Boost your potion production! Watch a short ad and double the speed of all your potion crafting for a delightful 5-minute boost!

Other Updates

  • Fixed startup crash issues due to ad errors.
  • Ads should also be working correctly again
  • Performance and stability optimizations
  • Fixed a bug impacting players who were required to gift Manami but were unable to
  • Fixed Daily Ads crystal reward to work properly as intended
  • Additional optimizations to improve game load time and overall performance
  • UI improvements to several buttons and menus
  • Reduced file sizes and game logic which should improve performance on lower-end devices
  • Fixed bugs around daily homework tasks, companion animations, and translation strings
  • Golden Bonsai timer properly refreshes while in-game and can be collected immediately after being built

Android Users:

Download on Google Play!

Apple iPhone Users:

Download on IOS App Store

If you spot anything funky or have awesome ideas, share them with us in #📮・comment-box on our Discord.

Your unwavering support and patience are truly invaluable to us. We have so many more thrilling updates on the horizon! Stay diligent, and let’s wander the gardens together! 🌿



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