Yomi Gardens Build Update 1.0.4

Yomi Games
4 min readMay 7, 2023


We are delighted to share with you the launch of our newest build for Yomi Gardens, packed with exciting upgrades to take your experience to the next level!

After dedicating substantial effort to revamping our user ID system in preparation for the forthcoming blockchain components, our new login system is up and running. We are now eagerly anticipating the release of the blockchain component!

First Time User Experience

After introducing Dean Itō, we collaborated with her to redesign the orientation program to make it more captivating, ensuring you feel well-equipped to navigate campus life confidently.

Companion Visits

We carefully considered user feedback and evaluated the gameplay and realized that the companion visits feature took away from the core gameplay experience. We reworked the lore and added a new pop-up feature where players experience short snippets of lore as the game progresses, this allows a more immersive experience by integrating the lore to the main game.

Introducing Crystals

Our new in-game currency. Swap Crystals to receive Summoning Orbs, which you can roll for new companions (That will be digital collectibles).


We’ve implemented a new feature called ‘homework’ into the game, where you can earn rewards such as our in-game currency (Crystals, etc.) as you reach new milestones!

Apple iPhone Users: Apple Game Center

Apple users can now enjoy the convenience of auto login with Apple Game Center, (Google Play Android users can also benefit from the same no-sign, automatic user flow.) Additionally, all players will be automatically assigned a Yomi ID linked to their Apple/Google ID and Yomi Vault (custodial wallet).

Verify Email

Soon, you’ll be able to connect your Metamask to our new feature. By linking your Yomi ID with your Metamask wallet and verifying your ownership of Oni/Mansion NFTs (on ETH), you’ll be eligible for in-game bonuses (coming soon!). To get started, simply verify your email. Transferring companions out of your Vault will not be available immediately, but is planned for the future. Our companions will be minted on the Oasys blockchain, a gaming-focused EVM chain partnered with many large gaming studios.

Other updates

Thank you for providing us with your continuous feedback, which has been integral in helping us to address several issues and improve the overall experience for our users. Here are some additional updates we’ve made to this build:

  • Discover 5 new facilities!
  • Explore the new map with beautiful trees and scenery…which expands as your farm grows!
  • Made graphic optimizations to make the game run much faster/take up less memory, particularly for older devices
  • Significantly reduced file size requirements
  • Adjustments to the first-time player experience
  • Smoothed out the zoom-in/out functions
  • Adjusted core econ progression, idle gold, and some facility prices — Various bug fixes

Android Users:

Download on Google Play! We just released Version 1.0.4

An install from Google Play is required to continue playing the game. Please follow the instructions here to update and install the update from official Google Play

Apple iPhone Users:

Check your Testflight/E-mail! We just released Version 1.0.4

We’re constantly improving our game to make it even more awesome for you. Sometimes new features can come with a few pesky bugs, but no worries — we’re on it! If you encounter any issues or suggestions, as always, we’d love to hear from you in the #📮・comment-box on our Discord.

Your support and patience mean the world to us, and we’re super pumped to bring you even more fantastic updates in the future, so stay tuned and keep on playing!



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