Yomi Gardens Build Update 1.0.9

Yomi Games
3 min readJul 20


We’re thrilled to release a new update for Yomi Gardens! In addition to fixing bugs, we’ve been working tirelessly to introduce exciting new in-game features that will enhance your gameplay and bring even more enjoyment..

Daily Homework

We’ve split up homework into achievements and daily. Introducing even more ways to earn crystals and gold! Homework is now divided into achievements and daily tasks!

Day/Night cycle and Rain

Experience the enchanting cycle of day and night as the sun rises and sets. Magical fireflies and lanterns illuminate the darkness and raindrops bring a soothing rhythm while you tend your garden

Realm Guardian’s Wish

Build this new facility to unfold the ethereal Orizuru (origami cranes)! We’ve put a lot of effort to enhance their presence, tweaking their frequency, making them larger and more colourful than before! Tap on them earn more gold!

Japanese Localization

Exciting news for our Japanese players! Yomi Gardens is now fully available in Japanese!

Progress Bar

Check out the brand-new progress bar feature! Now you can easily track your progress and know which facilities to build next.

Other updates

Your valuable feedback has been instrumental in the building of Yomi Gardens! Thanks to your input, we’ve addressed various issues and enhanced the overall user experience. Here are additional updates we’ve implemented in this build:

  • Adjustments to pop-up dialogue screen
  • Backend improvements
  • Bug fixes, including Eiko’s Fruit Bowl game bug
  • Adjustments to user sign-in flow

Android Users:

Download on Google Play!

Apple iPhone Users:

Download on IOS App Store

If you spot anything funky or have awesome ideas, share them with us in #📮・comment-box on our Discord.

We can’t thank you enough for your incredible support and patience. We’re stoked to deliver even more fantastic updates in the future, so stay tuned and wander the gardens🌿



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