Yomi Gardens: Launch on HOME Verse Blockchain

Yomi Games
3 min readAug 22, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Yomi Gardens has officially launched on the HOME Verse Layer-2 of the Oasys blockchain! All 5-star companions will be minted on the HOME Verse blockchain. Previously obtained 5-star companions are also already retroactively minted on-chain.

Our companion NFTs are seamlessly minted by the system and are stored in your custodial wallet, the Yomi Vault. Our custodial wallet is a custom architecture designed and engineered to provide a truly frictionless blockchain gaming experience that appeals to mainstream audiences.

Players can view their companion NFTs’ metadata on the HOME Verse block explorer. Their in-game IDs also match their token IDs on the Yomi Gardens companion token contracts.

The contract address is here: https://explorer.oasys.HOME Verse.games/address/0xf835E45F98646d3b2e7c0431580dDd6c3fC47049

In the future, we plan to integrate a way to trade / exchange companions in-app or on the Yomi Gardens website.

Start your journey to collect the companions that will give you bonuses and nurture your garden to its fullest potential!

Download now and wander the gardens

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About Companions in Yomi Gardens

Players can earn crystals to exchange for summoning orbs, enabling them to roll for new companions. We provide multiple ways to earn crystals, and as long as you continue to play, you’ll continue to collect more crystals and summon opportunities!

Each 4- and 5-star companion also unlocks a unique facility in the game. Players can build these facilities to view the anime art and gift companions items to increase their affection score. In the future, players can interact with companions in other ways.

All characters are rendered on the game map and diligently tend to your Garden when assigned to a facility. Watch as they water your plants, walk around the Garden, and take the occasional break at one of your rest facilities!

You can use your OAS tokens to purchase crystals to summon for companions! To purchase, fill out this form!

About HOME Verse

HOME Verse is a private layer-2 based on Optimistic roll-up technology to power fast transaction speeds. It is maintained and operated by double jump.tokyo, an experienced web3 gaming studio and infrastructure company based in Tokyo, Japan. Users can play various blockchain games with high transaction speed and free gas. For new information, please check the official HOME Verse Twitter account. (https://twitter.com/HOME Verse_games)

We’re thrilled to invite you to join the Oasys HOME Verse Ecosystem and become an integral part of its web3 gaming community!

Yomi Gardens

Experience a fresh take on the farming simulation genre as you craft magical potions derived from an array of Japanese flora. Cultivate your garden in Yomi, a paradise filled with mystical energy that is suddenly on the brink of collapse. Amidst forming bonds with fellow students, you’ll uncover the captivating mysteries of Yomi.

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