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3 min readSep 23, 2022


We are incredibly excited to announce and publish the Yomi Gardens Whitepaper!


The team has been working incredibly hard and busy buidling over the past six months. We are excited to reveal more about Yomi Gardens, and we want to thank you for believing in us, especially the Oni Squad community — you are all an important part of our team.

Once Yomi Gardens launches, we will continually release new features and new content, and the whitepaper will be continuously updated to reflect these changes.

Our goal is to appeal to mainstream audiences via mobile gaming, bringing Web3 to the masses by being both Free-to-Play and Play-and-Own, in a model that’s now being referred to as “Free-to-Own”.

What is Free-to-Own (F2O)? For us, it means players will be able to play Yomi Gardens for free, while collecting, owning, and trading assets that may accrue in value over time.

Our genesis collection Oni Squad was also a free mint, and our first game Oni Mansion was also free for Oni Squad and several partner collections. We believe F2O will eventually be the dominant model for all gaming in the future.


Work-in-progress sample game map / UI

Yomi Gardens is our new F2O mobile game and massively expands the Oni Squad netherverse. Set in a magical, anime fantasy world featuring captivating storylines and relationship-building mechanics, the game is designed to be a casual idle simulation appealing to a mainstream audience.

In Yomi Gardens, players are tasked to build and expand their initial garden plot with new facilities. These facilities generate gold and other in-game currencies, which can be used to upgrade existing facilities, buy new ones, and enable new interactions with companions who accompany you on your journey.

Story is an integral part of the game, and players will immerse themselves in visual novel-style scenes and dating interactions related to different collectible characters. New storylines, illustrations, and utility unlock as players successfully increase their companions’ affection towards them.

Manami chibi sprite in-game turnaround

Build relationships with your fellow Garden researchers and befriend an expanding cast of diverse, charismatic companions. Companions also double as profile-picture NFTs, with various rarities and upgradeable traits. Each companion will provide unique bonuses and statistical buffs to your Garden’s facilities.

Collectability is central as you play and generate resources from your conservatory garden. In-game companions will all be digital collectibles that are owned by you and will be seamlessly tradeable. Our dev team created proprietary tech infrastructure to power one of the first mobile in-game NFT marketplaces, allowing our gaming assets to be traded within the mobile game, as well as on external marketplaces.


Our intent was always to design a game that is fun and free throughout the entire experience. You will never be required to pay anything to experience late-game content. Genshin Impact is one of our primary inspirations, and we love that it’s a game that remains both fun and free even to its endgame.

Free-to-Own takes free-to-play a step further by allowing players to own in-game assets for free. This means that in-game assets you collect, upgrade, or pay for will be 100% owned by YOU.

We will also vastly simplify the player user experience — players will have wallets automatically made and assigned to them, and many will initially not even realize they’re playing a web3 game and own NFTs. We’re stoked with where the web3 games industry is headed and we believe that Yomi Gardens will be a significant step towards onboarding mainstream audiences to crypto and digital asset ownership.

Thank you again for being part of this journey with us. Step into the Garden with us later this year — our journey has just begun.



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